HiFiMan HE400se Super Grills STL Download

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This is the downloadable version of the HE400se SuperGrills for people with FDM 3D printers.
You will need to print it with the hexagon mesh side facing down ( flat on the print bed ) it should then print nicely with no supports.
These are designed to be printed in PLA+ with a 0.4mm nozzle but may also work in other materials. You will also need to create a mirrored version for the other side.
You will need to use double sided tape or something to stick the driver wires to the black felt around the outside of the driver so the wires do not get in the way when you install it, they must not be on the magnets. We also recommend removing the fabric from the back of the original grill and placing it on top of the magnets to help prevent hairs or other debris getting inside.

Update 16/03/23 I have updated the design of the clips that hold the insert in place to make them print and fit batter. This is update 1_1 if you have already printed them an had issues with the clips, please log in and download the latest version.

2 reviews for HiFiMan HE400se Super Grills STL Download

  1. kubolec12345 (verified owner)

    Very easy for printing and results are amazing. Worth every penny.

  2. Bastian (verified owner)

    These are super nice – decent improvement of the sound and great looks!

    However, if anyone else is struggling to print these after purchase of the STL-files, here is what worked for me (after dozens of fails):

    Most important: Use Prusa Slicer or the latest version of Cura (5.3.1). Older versions of Cura don`t slice the grills correctly and don`t recognize the hexagon-pattern correctly (it leaves some lines out and I only found out after lots of attempts – thought some printer settings were wrong the whole time…).
    Don`t use support (if the setting is activated, it will ruin your print even if it doesn`t look like any support is added during slicing) or the bottom layer won`t be printed correctly.

    For print settings with my Anycubic Mega S i used: 0.3mm initial layer for best bed adhesion, 0.14mm print height, slow print settings, PLA with 200° celsius and 60° for the print bed.
    25% infill with gyroid.
    Still a lot of stringing but other than that, they now printed ok.
    I think you would need a rather high quality printer for optimal results – the best way is probably just to order the printed ones from the shop.

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