Beyerdynamic Detachable Cable Mod or Balanced conversion ( send in service )


Detachable cable modification service for the Beyerdynamic headphone range

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Original 3.5mm cable that came with the headphones *

Braided Litz Cable *

Braided Litz Cable Colour

Braided Litz Cable Connector

Connector fitted to the headphones *

Use this to chose which type of connector will be inserted into the earcup of the headphones

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I will remove my earpads and clean my headphones before sending them in. *

The technicians have had enough of working on gross headphones:)
If you select to clean them, and fail to do so, your headphones will be sent back, or you can pay the additional charge.


We can fit most full size Beyerdynamic headphones with a mini XLR or 3.5mm socket to make the cable detachable, one for single sided headphones like the DT770, DT990, DT880 and two sockets for Dual entry cans like the T1 and T5p. We can also do dual entry on headphone which currently have a single sided cable if you would like.

We do not offer this service on their smaller headphones like the T51p and DT1350.

Options Information

Single or Dual Entry:

You can choose to have either one or two sockets fitted to your headphones. If you have headphones with two sockets already, then you must select the dual entry option. If you have headphones with a single socket and want this changed to dual entry, then you can select the dual entry option to have it modified. For single entry, the existing cable entry is widened and modified to accommodate the socket. If changing to dual sockets then a new hole will be drilled in the opposite earcup to match.

Mass Loading and Dampening:

We can fit mass loading and dampening to your headphones. What the mass loading does is add weight to the driver to decrease unwanted vibrations and give more to push against. This generally results in cleaner, more controlled bass.

The dampening is a layer of sound deadening or foam applied to the inside of the headphones. This helps absorb sound from the back of the driver reducing resonance and reflections within the earcup.

Original Cable Conversion:

We can put a connector on the end of the stock cable that comes with your headphones. This means that you will still be able to use the stock cable with your new socket. We will fit the corresponding jack for whatever connector you choose to have installed in your headphones e.g, 4 pin XLR for a 4 Pin XLR  socket or 3.5mm jack for a 3.5mm socket. We cannot fit a balanced connector on the stock cable, as it only has 3 internal wires.

If you select not to have a litz cable or not to have the stock cable converted then your headphones will be shipped back to you with no cable at all. If your stock cable is broken or you do not want to use it anymore then we are happy to get rid of it for you.

Braided Litz Cable:

With this option we make you one of our fancy braided litz cables to go with your headphones. These cables are super flexible, light and strong. They have excellent electrical properties and you get out exactly what you put in.

With this option we also install a litz headband cable with a paracord cover. This is the cable that runs between the two cups and under the headband. It will be the same colour as the litz cable unless specified otherwise in the comments. With this mod all of the wiring inside of the headphones is replaced so it’s litz all the way to the drivers to give best possible signal path. (We do not cover the headband cable with paracord if you have not ordered a braided cable).

Make sure you get a cable that’s long enough to be comfortable. It’s better to have a cable that’s a bit too long than one that’s too short. If you make a mistake we can shorten cables but we can’t lengthen them.

Braided Litz Cable Colour:

This option allows you to specify the colour of the litz cable. Choose from the colour chart in the gallery. Colours may not be 100% accurate due to differences between screens and cameras but should be very close.

Braided Litz Cable Connector:

On one side of the cable, we always fit the connector you selected to have installed in your headphones. On the other you can have any connection you need. We offer balanced and single-ended connectors. Balanced can only be used if you have selected  a 4 Pin Mini XLR as the socket in in the headphones.


Let us know what headphones you have and anything else you think we may find useful when modding your headphones. If you have any special requests then put them here.

Connector Fitted To The Headphones:

Choose the socket that we will install in to the cup of your headphones. 4 Pin Mini XLR is the only connector that supports using the headphones in a balanced configuration. We install this by default if no option is selected. The 4 Pin Mini XLR can have any of the other connectors used whether they be balanced or unbalanced. However, If you select 3 pin mini XLR or 3.5mm then you will not be able to use a balanced cable with the headphones.

The XLR connectors lock in place and can be released with a button. The 3 pin mini XLR has a wider range of aftermarket cables that lock in place. the 3.5mm does not lock in place but has the widest selection of aftermarket cables that can be used. If you plan on using a plug-in microphone with your headphones then this is generally the best option.


Modding your headphones in this way will likely void any existing warranty you have. The warranty you have with us in buying this is only for the new parts we supply, i.e. mini-XLR sockets, it does not cover any existing part. Any ultra-low capacitance cables that we supply from new, come with our 2 year warranty.

Please make sure your headphones are clean and in good working order before sending them in. If your headphones already have a fault please email us first before placing an order. New ear and head pads sold separately. Please allow up to 12 working days for mods to be carried out.

Once paid please give the headphones a good clean and if they have velour pads, please remove them and clean underneath before sending. Our technicians will reject them if they are too greasy, hairy,gross or covered in earwax to touch – nobody wants to deal with someone else’s ear fungus 😉
Then when they are cleaned and ready to go send them to the address below along with a copy of your order inside the box – you would be surprised how many headphones turn up with no clues as to who sent them.

If you are sending from outside the UK please make sure you mark the package clearly as a repair, that way it will not get stopped at customs and we will not have to pay import charges in either direction. There may be a box on the customs form for returned goods or repair. If not just write on the outside of the package that they are being sent in for repair.  We are happy to pay off small customs fees, but we will refuse the delivery if we are charged £25+ in fees or VAT.

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