• Astell and Kern

    Astell and Kern (2)

    Astell and Kern
  • Ultimate Cables

    Ultimate Cables (14)

    This is an audiophile grade cable designed be not only electrically perfect but also to look and feel truly high end.
  • Sennheiser cables

    Sennheiser cables (26)

    This selection contains a large selection of original sennheiser cables and colour wrapped original cables
  • Beyerdynamic cables

    Beyerdynamic cables (34)

    A range of original replacement cables for beyerdynamic headphones
  • Hand Made RCA and XLR cables

    Hand Made RCA and XLR cables (11)

    A range of ultra low cabacitance hi-fi cables including RCA, turntable and XLR cables
  • HiFiMan Cables

    HiFiMan Cables (17)

    A range of hand made headphone cables for the HiFiMan range of headphones. Older models often have and screw on SMC connectors and the newer ones have 2.5mm jacks
  • Dan Clark Audio cables

    Dan Clark Audio cables (5)

    A range of cables for Mr Speakers / Dan Clarke Audio Headphones with one or two 4 pin connectors
  • Audeze / Meze Cables

    Audeze / Meze Cables (14)

    A range of cables for the Audeze range of headphones. Most models take two 4pin miniXLR cables. We do also have to super slim 3.5mm jack cables which will fit the sine headphones but will stick out at an angle
  • Oppo Cables

    Oppo Cables (9)

    A range of headphone cables for the Oppo range of headphones. The PM1 and PM2 take 2 x 2.5mm extended jacks and the PM-3 uses a 3.5mm TRRS connector
  • Focal cables

    Focal cables (15)

    Cables suitable for the Focal range of headphones. The Utopia takes Lemo connectors and the Elear uses two mono 3.5mm Jacks
  • Adapters

    Adapters (16)

    A range of adapters to change adapt one audio connection to fit another
  • Denon cables

    Denon cables (16)

    We have designed these cables to be a perfect match for the denon range of headphones using recessed 3.5mm jacks