Thing of the day Days 11,12,13 and 14

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I Got caught up with the making of all the stuff again and forgot to blog about it so here is what I have done for thing of the day for the past few days.

Day 11
Beyerdynamic T1 damping kit. This was designed to smooth out the treble peak in the beyer T1s and give them a more balanced sound without detracting from their amazing sound quality

Beyer T1 Damping Kit

Damping kit to smooth out the treble peak on the beyer t1s

Day 12
This is a bit of art Joe did. It is a triptych made from plastecine on board

Day 13
Day 13 of thing of the day.
Cheapo asynchronous 384K/32bit XMOS DAC with USB Audio 2.0 support for less than £30 to build.

I managed to pickup a developer board for the new XMOS DAC this only works on USB audio 2.0 which is not currently naively supported in windows so it was a bit of a bugger to get working – I just knocked up a basic case from 5mm acrylic and it sounds amazing – much more detailed than our old Arcam DAC.
It has 384K/32bit support so ready for some HD audio goodness.

I am planning to convert it to balanced and maybe add the option of running it from a battery to get rid of any ripple from the mains

DIY xmos dac in acrylic case

DIY xmos dac in acrylic case

Day 14

I am quite proud of this one… a restomodded MIG 15 helmet with modern headphone drivers and fully custom cable and earpads

a resto modded mig 15 helmet with modern headphone drivers

a resto modded mig 15 helmet with modern headphone drivers


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Day 9 of thing of the day.

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I have been planning on building a balanced headphone amp and DAC on a budget of under £100 for a while, gradually buying up bits off ebay and alibaba to make it with. Today I finished soldering the the components to the amp boards. There are two, one for each ear on the headphones in balanced mode or to run two standard pairs of headphones. They are basically cheapish Chinese kits ( around £15 each ) and I have then swapped out a lot of the capacitors for higher end audio ones. I also picked up a step type volume control. Now, for another thing of the day I need to design and build a case and power supply for it.

It has to be said… I am not quite sure what I am doing but I learn through making mistakes so I suspect I will learn a lot from this project 🙂

DIY balanced headphone amp

DIY balanced headphone amp



Day 8 of thing of the day

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Day 8 and one I have been looking forward to. I stared these quite a long time ago but lot motivation and did not finish them. So … Finally I give you some frugelhorn mark 3 covered in marvel comics and then lacquered to protect them. They are fitted with alpair 7 drivers and made of the best 18mm birch ply so incredibly high end stuff with a fun comicbook look

Frugelhorn comic book speakers

Some horn speakers covered in comic books fitted with alpair drives


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Day 6 of thing of the day

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After learning a lot from the first pair of resto modded vintage headphones I have kicked it up a notch and done a better job on this pair. I have gone for much more expensive high end drivers and made custom laser cut wooden baffles and a pad adapter to fit the more comfortable HD25 pads
The drivers are 40mm with wool fibers in the cone and neo magnets so pretty fancy. I also made custom wire mesh grills to protec the cones and give it a bit more of a steampunk look 🙂

laser cutting

laser cutting wooden headphone baffles

Wool headphone drivers

High end headphone drivers with wool fiber drivers

Then I re-cabled the headphones with a nice vintage looking headphone cable and tested to make sure the drivers fit with the adapter

Modifuying Vintage headphones

Classic vintahe headphones with modern drivers and pads

Then they are all held together with hot glue and attach a wide body rean jack to finish the look

Steam punk headphones

Some steam punk headphones made by modifuying some vintage ones

The drivers are 32ohm so work great with portable stereos and phones. I will test them over the next few days and if all goes well it may be time to start selling them


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Another batch of custom airbrushed headphones

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It has been a little while since I got round to posting some pics of our works of headphone art so here is a little round up of some of the ones yo have missed.

First of we have this flame red pair – simple but effective

Custom Red HD25

Some sennheiser HD25-1 mk II in red


next up we have these blue and white splatter ones – these are becoming our most popular design now far outselling plain white which used to be our top seller. This pair also has an audiophile cable.

blue splatter HD25 headphones

Custom sennheiser HD25-1 dj headphones with Pollock style splatter pattern


Catering to our audiophile customers – these beyerdynamic T5p have been converted to detachable cable using 4pin miniXLR sockets and we have made them a custom ultra low capacitance cable to match. If you fancy getting something like this done to yours just message us through the jfunk.org site

Beyer T5p with detachable cable

Modified beyerdynamic T5p with detachable custom litz cable

These were technically very advanced. They have clear perspex shields which were laser engraved on the reverse and then LEDs are mounted inside the earcup so the text lights up in the dark. They took nearly a moth to do as it was the first pair of custom ones with LEDs we had done and it was not nearly as easy as I had imagined

Led Custom One Pro

A pair of beyerdynamic custom one pro with LED light up earcups

This pair of Beyerdynamic T1 have been modified with detachable cable and a cuttom balanced cable designed to work with the pono player or a sony PHA-3 – Nice

beyer T1 for Pono

A pair of beyerdynamic T1 modified for PONO balanced output

This is another splatter pattern pair of HD25-1 but I really like the black text against a black background with a splatter outline – subtle and cool

Some mode custom HD25-1 dj headphones with a red splatter pattern and black text

Some mode custom HD25-1 dj headphones with a red splatter pattern and black text



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Thing of the day – Day 4

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I suppose the main point of starting this thing of the day project was to prompt the team to finish all the half started projects.
Quite a while ago we started buying up interesting looking vintage headsets with the idea of moding them to work with modern portable audio equipment. Unfortunately we were so busy making cables and adapters for the pono player that the project got put on hold. Now things have calmed down a little and I am under pressure to produce one new thing a day I finally got round to finishing one of them.
These are a pair of 1930s/1940s ones designed to work with a crystal radio. They have been fitted with a new custom cable and foam pads. The internals have been swapped out for those found in the sennheiser HD201 – so not the best but a good proof of concept.

We have quite a few different models of a similar size so if I run out of “thing of the day” ideas I may make another one only with better drivers and pads

Modified crystal radio headset

A pair of 1930s headphones modified with new drivers with a steampunk look

They don’t sound as good as I hoped but with a bit of tweaking and tuning I am pretty certain we can give them sound quality to match their looks. They do have quite a cool vintage, almost steampunk look.
If you would like something like this once we have perfected the process just pop us an email and we can put you on the list




Thing of the day

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We have set our selves the challenge of coming up with one creative thing a day. A product, invention or piece of art every day for a month and then blog about it. Unfortunately we got so carried away coming up with things that I forgot to add the first two days to the blog.. LOLs

So to catch up

Day one

To start off …. We had this adapter. It converts a balanced XLR cable for a PONO or Sony PHA-3 to fit the balanced output from an astell and kern AK240. I know only a handful of people in the world would need this but we are all about niche products

Pono XLR to astell and kern

An adapter to plug a pono balanced XLR cable into and AK240

Day Two

For day to we had this lovely solid oak skateboard deck made by our inhouse chippie Chris. We were going to spray it but it is too nice just the way it is so we will be spraying a different one in the future

solid oak skateboard

a skateboard deck made from solid oak

Day Three

And to catch up …. Day three is this piece of art. While emptying out the airbrushes I got a bit board and started coloring in and doodling on the exposed brickwork by the spraybooth. I give you brick dreams

Brick dreams

Brick dreams



How to spot Fake HD25 – a side by side comparison

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Watch out!!! The fakes are about

Even though they have been around for more than 25years now the HD25 have, up until recently, they have not been faked. But while doing a search on alibaba the other day I spotted what looked like a replica pair so thought I would order them and see what turned up. On the site they were not advertised as sennheiser and had no logos but when the box arrived I realized these were relatively convincing fakes.
The box looked almost identical to the original, some parts were a bit glossier than they should be but all in all a good replica of the original box. The headphones inside, at first glance, look like the original as well with all the appropriate logos.

Here is a quick video guide to help tell the difference and spot a fake


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Balanced Beyerdynamic T1 with detachable cable

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We are now offering modified beyerdynamic T1 headphones. They have a 4pin miniXLR in the earcups and come with a choice of balanced cables. We have also done some modifications to the damping on the earcups to smooth out the treble peak they have.

We are also able to offer a send in service so you can send in your T1 and T5p to have these modifications done for £110


Beyerdynamic T1 with detachable cable

Some modified beyerdynamic T1 with detachable balanced cable

Beyerdynamic T1 damping mod

Modded beyerdynamic T1 with advanced damping


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Working on some Star Wars headphones

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I am working on another pair of star wars fan art sennheiser HD25. This sort of thing takes a bit longer than most pairs and if you add up the time I probably make a loss on them but it is a labor of love.

I am thinking of adding a glow in the dark coating to the light saber as well

Starwars headphones

Some star wars headphones Im working on with yoda and obe wan


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