Re-Cabling the Grado GS1000 for balanced connection

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We re-cable a lot of headphones and convert a lot to balanced so when someone asked if we could do a pair of GS1000 I confidently said yes – no problem. Having done quite a few pairs of entry level grados I thought it would be easy enough… I was wrong 😉
Like with all the other grados they are glued together with hot glue but the ear cup is a single piece so very tricky to get to the back of the driver. In the end I had to use a modified scalpel which I heated with a blow torch to safely remove the glue without heating the delicate driver or earcup. It took four or five hours of heating and picking before they finally popped out. Once the driver was out it was plain sailing and while I was in there I changed the grille to a more open mesh. The time taken was worth it though because they are a thing of beauty.

balanced Grado GS1000

A pair of Grado GS 1000 re-cabled for balanced connection



HD 25 headphone connection Mod

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The Sennhesier HD 25 Headphones are legendary, having been around for over 25 years, they have been the headphone of choice for DJ’s and and recording professionals all round the world, and in all areas of the industry, this universal adoption has been down to there mix of fantastic audio quality/sound isolation, and there rugged reliability.

However this is not to say they we at custom cans do not see them back for repair from time to time, and as such we are always looking at mods and adjustment’s to improve the reliability of these fantastic headphones.

One of the most common issues we are being asked to fix is a loose or poor connection to the drivers, this tends to show as loosing audio in one ear, that can sometimes be fixed by wiggle of the cable, and is often caused by a bit of corrosion or dirt, between the connector and the spring in the socket that it connects to.

we have in the past produced a video on our you tube page showing how to cleanup and adjust these springs to try and improve these issues, but we have come up with a better solution.

As of today we have Replacement Gold Springs available to replace the stock ones that sennheiser supply as standard, the replacements will not corrode the same as the original ones, and as a side effect should also offer a better connection to the driver itself.

HD 25 Driver with replacement gold springs fitted

HD 25 Driver with replacement gold springs fitted

They will also fit the the HD600 and HD650 and all Sennheiser series of headphones that use the two pin spade connector.

Original & Gold Spring Comparison

Original & Gold Spring Comparison

they are available in pairs fro just £5 plus postage but they can be a bit tricky to fit, so if you are having an issue with your headphones we can also fit them for you, email us for details of out fitting and repair services.


Send in headphone modifications now available through the shop

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We have been offering headphone modification services for quite a while now but normally people had to ask nicely and then we would give them the detail. Now we have simplified the process and made the pricing available on the shop.

We will be adding a few more services over the next couple of months but if you check out the link below we have already listed the most popular sennheiser and beyerdynamic mods on there


Beyerdynamic T1 with detachable cable

Some modified beyerdynamic T1 with detachable balanced cable

Balanced beyerdynamic DT770

A pair of custom balanced DT770 studio headphones with a blue detachable cable

Beyer T5p with detachable cable

Modified beyerdynamic T5p with detachable custom litz cable

Beyerdynamic T90 Detachable cable

Some beyerdynamic T90 with a detachable cable mod

Modified HD650 with opened up drivers and mass loading

Modified HD650 with opened up drivers and mass loading


Custom Cans Signature edition white HD25-1

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We have just released this super DJ focused Signature edition of out white HD25-1. These come with our mass loading and damping kit already fitted and comes with one of our reinforced ravemaster cables to make them tougher, better looking and better sounding DJ Headphones.

We are selling the first 10 pairs for just £199

white hd25-1

white sennheiser hd25


Woop Woop – we are Pono Certified

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We finally got our certification through so people can be sure any pono products they get from us will be fully compatible.
To celebrate the fact we are now selling a balanced version of the T5p for the Pono with a detachable balanced cable

Balanced T5p for Pono

A modified pair of T5p with balanced cable for Pono player


Black Friday Offers

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We have 10% off everything in the shop for today using the code blackout at the checkout

If you have any issues with the code just pop us an email
black friday


90s survivor Custom Sennheiser HD25-1

Posted by JFunk on 21/09/2015 in Pro DJ Headphones |

Over the the next month I will be creating a series of one off designs. Each one will be totally unique and a lot of work will go into them so they will cost a bit more than most of our headphones but then again they are still good value for a functional piece of art.

The first pair is this glow in the dark 90s survivor pair with a party proscription design
They are £299 and available in our shop –

glow in the dark HD25 headphones

exticy tablet headphones

custom pill design headphones

custom party proscription headphones

smilie pill

dove tablet hd25 headphones

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Cool Retro Sony Headphones

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We got sent this pair of classic Sony MDR-3 to re-terminate with a 3.5mm jack and to shorten the cable to make them more suitable for modern portable use.
Everyone here agreed they were the coolest headphones ever so I thought I would have to add them to the blog. They are beautifully made and the fact they still look this good is a testament to their build quality. I am super jealous of these and am tempted to hunt some down on ebay for my self

Some cool retro sony mdr-3 headphones

Some cool retro sony mdr-3 headphones


Custom Airbrushed Technics RP-DH1250

Posted by JFunk on 18/09/2015 in Pro DJ Headphones |

If you have flicked through this blog then you will know that we mainly specialise in sennheiser and beyerdynamic headphones but we have done a fare few pairs of technics headphones in the past. The RP-DH1250 are the updated version of the classic RP-DH1200 and some of the only Sony V700 style dj headphones still being made.
We had a request to make some look like the even older RP-DJ1200 in dark gray but with feelgood instead of technics where the logo went. As it is such a subtle design and the same font has been used, if you don’t look closely you would never guess they weren’t like that from the factory

Custom RP-DH1250

Some custom painted technics rp-dh1250 dj headphones

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Balanced HD800 cable with 4pin XLR

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With most of today’s high end headphone amps offering a balanced connection to squeeze a little more sound quality from high end headphones we have designed a range of balanced cables to get the most out of them.

They are made from our ultra low capacitance silk covered litz wire so have much lower capacitance then most high end cables and as they are hand made we can offer them in custom colours and lengths

Here is one of our balanced cables for the HD800

HD800 Balanced XLR cables

A cable to link the sennheiser HD800 to a balanced headphone amp with a 4 pin XLR


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