Custom Cans Mass Loading & Damping Kit for HD25’s


Sennheiser HD25 mass loading and damping kit to help tune the sound and tighten the bass

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What model are your HD25?


Here we have a cheap easy upgrade for the popular sennheiser HD25 range of headphones.

This will fit the HD25, HD25-1, HD25-c, HD25-1 BE, HD25-1 LE and if requested we can do a version for the amperior or HD25 aluminium.

 !It is not recommended for the HD25sp 60ohm version!

The kit essentially consists of some up-rated damping material for the ear cup and some lead weights to mass load the driver. It can be fitted in two phases;

Phase one is relatively easy and safe to do and will tighten up the bass and make them sound a bit more open – improving the sound-stage.

Phase two is optional and involves opening up the driver – if phase two is done incorrectly it could cause irreparable damage to the driver so is only recommended for skilled tinkerers and we can not be held responsible for any damage caused by clumsy fitting.

The kit has been designed to be as easy as possible to fit and all the pieces are self adhesive. The weights just stick into place and the damping material is pre-marked and all you have to do is cut along the lines for a perfect fit This kit makes an ideal paring with our audiophile cables which will give you the full Uber HD25 experience.


Check out the video below for fitting instructions:

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