Modified DT990 with Mass Loading, Dampening and Fully Open-Back


A modified pair of Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro headphones, including: a detachable custom litz cable and damping modified drivers and cups to give extra detail and tighter bass with more extension.

The cable is made using 84 strand litz copper, wrapped in coloured paracord of your choice, and hand braided here in the UK.

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Optional – Additional Ear Pads

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A modified pair of Beyerdynamic DT990s.


We add mass loading and dampening to this pair along with a foam disk to tune the sound.

The mass loading consists of a copper ring added to the back of the driver. This gives the driver more weight to push against, reducing unwanted flex and distortion. This also reduces the resonance of the driver for a clearer, more accurate low end.


The dampening is used on most surfaces inside the headphones. This reduces reflections within the headphone.

We remove the white internal plate from the headphones. This is a solid plastic disk and makes the headphones almost closed back with just two small openings.


We replace this with a foam disk that allows the driver to breathe and makes the headphones fully open back. The foam tunes this to give a more pleasant, neutral tone.


Together these mods achieve a more detailed and accurate sound with better soundstage and a tighter low end.


Frequency Response:

во до 1: DT770 STOCk ВЗ В 2 ОТПО COPPER МОв ВЗЛ Д З ОТДДО STOCk SPL DT990 Mod 100 Д 4: ОТДДО COPPER НОО 5: ОТВВО STOCk 700 воо доо 82 3 СЕНЕ“ ТВВО COPPER НОО 7: ОТВВО LEAD НОО дк лок 82 2 20 окнг

Purple = Stock

Orange = Modified


Please note that this pair does not include our detachable socket mod and the stock cable will be left as is. If you would like a detachable cable see the listing here in balanced and unbalanced flavours:




These headphones are Built to order and we normally have a queue or 10-14 days for headphones to be built.


Customer service and warranty

We know that you are paying a premium for our headphones and that they are a very important part of your life. Our headphones are made durable and reliable, but in the unlikely event that you do have an issue with them, please get in contact with us and we will make sure that we get you sorted out. We offer a full 2 year ‘return to base’ warranty, and we keep all of the spare parts in stock so that we can also send replacement parts if necessary. Outside of the warranty period we still offer repairs on all our products for a fair price.


International orders

Close to 70% of our customers are outside of the UK, so we have a lot of experience with international orders and worldwide shipping. All packages over £50 will have a form of international tracking.

– European packages normally take 4-6 days.

– Packages to US, Australia and Canada normally take 7-10 Days.

– Packages sent to the rest of the world can vary depending on local postal services.

Custom Cans UK VAT number: 141 987 390

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