HD600 / HD650 CNC Copper Mass loading mod DIY kit

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HD600 CNC Copper Mass loading

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This is a copper weight, which adds mass to the rear of the driver and smooths the airflow slightly. By itself it gives more detailed bass, and a little bit more sub bass. Ideally it should be combined with the removal of the foam disk on the rear of the driver, which will further improve the resolution of these already great headphones.

The mod can be fitted with no special tools and can easily be removed in the future.

We have now also updated the kit to include 4 different foam inserts that allow you to tune the bass levels to your own personal taste, whilst keeping the extra bass clarity and detail you get from adding the mass loading weight.

See the audioreviews review here: https://www.audioreviews.org/custom-cans-hd-600-series-mod/

*foam colour shade may vary

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1 review for HD600 / HD650 CNC Copper Mass loading mod DIY kit

  1. Chris

    I have performed this mod on two pairs of HD600s (removing the foam disk and adding the ‘3’ foam) and it’s an absolute pleasure. Super easy to install, well machined and sounds fantastic. What more could you ask for?

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