Ultimate adapter for balanced Headphone cable to balanced/unbalanced source


Ultimate adapter for balanced Headphone cable to balanced/unbalanced source

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This is an audiophile grade cable designed to be not only electrically perfect but also to look and feel truly high end.

You can use this listing to create an adapter for converting one balanced connection to another or to plug a balanced cable into a single ended amplifier

The thing that makes them most special is the embroidered silk covers. They are made with 4 internal channels that keep the individual cores as separated as possible. The covers are woven in the UK to our own specifications using heavy weight silk for more durability and to give the look and feel of a high end designer product. The cores are made from type 2 silk wrapped litz wire made up of 168 individually insulated strands of 0.071mm copper or OCC silver. This gives a total cross-sectional area of  0.665mm2 which is slightly thicker than 19 AWG but because it is litz it does not have any skin effect until well over 500khz.
These cables also have even lower capacitance than our standard cables.

This all means that there is no change in the signal from the amp to the headphone, no crosstalk and totally flat from 1hz all the way to 100khz. This is all massive overkill for audio but is does mean you are definitely not missing any performance from your equipment.

We offer these with two options on the wire. Our natural silk wrapped copper litz and out new silk wrapped OCC silver litz. Silver is obviously a much more expensive material and getting it custom made for us out of OCC silver makes it even more expensive to make but it is around 7% more conductive

We offer a 2 year warranty on all of our cables, so if you get any problems please message us! We can repair or replace it for you for free any time in the first 2 years.

We are keen for our cables to stay in use for as long as possible to help prevent waste and save the environment. If your cable breaks outside the warranty period, we offer cost price repairs. If you should buy a different amplifier or headphones in the future, you can send the cable back to us to be altered or adapted for a reasonable price.

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