HifiMan Comfort Headband Strap DIY Mod for HE400se HE6 Edition XS and others

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HifiMan Comfort Headband Strap DIY Mod

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A leather support strap that goes under the headband, providing additional comfort by spreading the weight and reducing the pressure on the top of the head. Easy to install with no dismantling required.

There are two sizes available: 1mm and 2mm. The 1mm thickness is stretchy and more comfortable, whereas the 2mm is stronger and durable, but not suitable for larger heads.


  • HE400se, HE400i
  • Edition XS
  • HE6se V2
  • Deva
  • And others with the same headband

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4 reviews for HifiMan Comfort Headband Strap DIY Mod for HE400se HE6 Edition XS and others

  1. Michael (verified owner)

    The worst part of the Edition XS is the terrible headband.
    I do not have a huge melon, so the XS will only stay put if I keep my head still. They are the only set of cans I have ever had on my head that won’t fit using the built in adjustments.
    This simple kit has made an absolute world of difference to the comfort and wearability of my XS headphones.
    I’m not sure how HifiMan got the headband so wrong, but this kit makes everything better. I got the 2mm version for tiny head people.
    But I’m sure if the headband already fits you then the 1.3mm would still make a great improvement to comfort.
    As for the shopping experience, the kit arrived in a week from the UK to AUS.
    5 stars well deserved.

  2. David Peachey

    I bought these for me HE400se headphones. Personally I didn’t find them THAT uncomfortable before since they’re pretty light, but over a good amount of time they would be a bit uncomfortable at the very top of my head. Well this strap has now turned them into my most comfortable pair of headphone I own, I could easily wear these all day long now. I ended up going with the leather side down as I thought it felt nicer on my bald head lol. The leather side also looks nicer stuck onto the side of the headphones. Installation was really simple but I did have issues with the first piece of tape. When I removed it the sticky part didn’t come with it, but luckily there’s an extra piece. Highly recommended if you find any of these headphones uncomfortable.

  3. Dan Cavanagh (verified owner)

    Was looking for answers to this issue and I can’t believe I didn’t check Custom Cans first for a solution. I bought a zip-on cushion from Amazon but it was awful and looked ugly, the hotspot was solved but made the headphones very top-heavy and the issue of them trying to fall off my head even worse.

    Despite having a big head I was finding the XS to be too large and loose on my head (an issue I didn’t have with the HE400se), I ordered the 1.3mm version and while the gap between the headband and my head is very small compared to what I expected it has made a hell of a difference to the feel and helps grip the top of the head so they no longer shift about on my head as they did. Now it feels a little more like the Sundara but without the slightly excessive clamping force.

    Can’t wait to see how the grill mod turns out now!

  4. Mark Lee (verified owner)

    For those whose Edition XS headband height adjustment was zero and still not short enough.
    I bought the 2mm version and it has been a huge improvement on comfort. After the mod, the height adjustment is now set to 2 notches up on each side to have my ears center with the driver.
    It has remove the hotspot sensation on my head really distributes the weight more evenly.
    I thank this team for creating this product as now I can enjoy my Edition XS even more now.

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