Custom Cans Hot Rod Sparkle Green HD25 headphones


Hot Rod Sparkle Green Custom HD25 Customised DJ Headphones with 2 yr warranty

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Mass Loading and Damping Fitted


These Sennheiser HD25 headphones have been airbrushed in black, with a sparkly green finish.

All of our headphones are clear coated with 2k lacquer for a super tough finish to protect the artwork, and are covered by a 2 year warranty.

The headphones come with the standard stock steel cable, measuring 1.5m in length and terminating in a threaded angled 3.5mm jack, bundled with a 3.5mm to 6.35mm screw-on adapter.
We can wrap the cable for you free of charge.
What does mass loading & damping mean?
We attach weights in strategic places on the driver to give it more mass to push against – this gives a little more bass extension, and cleans up the mid bass. This helps make them sound less boomy and gives more bass detail. We also change the damping material in the cup to absorb more sound inside the cup, so less bounces back through the driver. this also helps with clarity and makes them sound a little more open / less boxy.

About us
We have been modifying and customising headphones for DJs and other audio professionals for many years (starting back in 2009), during which we have gone on to win several awards. We are official Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic partners, so we always have the latest version of the HD25 and spare parts in stock. All of our custom headphones are airbrushed and painted by hand. We spend a great deal of time making sure each pair gets a finish that will last in a professional environment for years, which is no small feat.


Our custom headphones are made to order, they take two weeks to process, create, and ship.

How they are made
If you are interested in seeing what goes into making a pair of our custom headphones, you can watch this video on our Youtube channel.

Sennheiser HD25 specifications

  • Frequency response (headphones)
    16 – 22000 Hz 
  • THD, total harmonic distortion
    < 0,3 %
  • Contact pressure
    ~ 2,5 N 
  • Ear coupling
  • Jack plug
    3,5/6,3 mm stereo
  • Cable length
    1,5 m (HD 25 Plus: 1-3 m)
  • Transducer principle
    dynamic, closed
  • Weight
    without cable: ~ 140 g
  • Nominal impedance
    70 Ω
  • Load rating
    200 mW
  • Max. Sound pressure level (active)
    120 dB

Customer service and warranty

We know that you are paying a premium for our headphones and that they are a very important part of your life. Our headphones are durable and reliable, but in the unlikely event that you do have an issue with them, please get in contact with us and we will make sure that we get you sorted out. We offer a full 2 year ‘return to base’ warranty, and we keep all of the spare parts in stock so that we can also send replacement parts if necessary. Outside of the warranty period we still offer repairs on all our products for a fair price.

International orders
Close to 70% of our customers are outside of the UK, so we have a lot of experience with international orders and worldwide shipping. All packages over £50 will have a form of international tracking.

– European packages normally take 4-6 days.
– US, AUS and Canada packages normally take 7-10 Days.
– Packages sent to the rest of the world can vary depending on local postal services.
– Packages shipping outside of the EU may be delayed in customs, but the tracking system should keep you updated of its progress.

Custom Cans UK VAT number: 141 987 390

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