Beyerdynamic DT1770 DT1990 Cable 3.5mm Jack (2.5m, Gecko) Ready to Ship


Beyerdynamic DT1770 DT1990 Cable 3.5mm Jack (2.5m, Gecko) Ready to Ship
































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This is a custom hand braided cable for 3 pin mini XLR headphones like the DT1770/DT1990 and some AKG.

Ergonomics: The cable is very flexible, fairly lightweight and soft thanks to the paracord covering. In addition it is not prone to kinking.

Resistance: Each of the three wire cores is made up of 84 strands of individually insulated copper wire, which gives a lower resistance than most OFC cables. The cable is hand braided and silver solder is used to keep the signal path as clean as possible.

Warranty & Servicing: All our cables have a 2 year warranty. If you experience any problems beyond 2 years we offer sensibly priced repairs. This is true of alterations too, so if in the future you need the cable to be shortened or re-terminating for a new amp we can do that for a sensible price as well. We show our appreciation for repeat business by offering 10% off any additional ULC cables after one has been purchased. Tampering with or attempting to repair your cable may void your warranty.

International Orders: Over 60% of our customers are outside the UK, so we have a lot of experience with shipping worldwide, offering the same great service to suit your needs such as tracking.



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