HD25 Full custom design Deposit – most designs cost between £260 and £300 depending on complexity


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We can work with you to create a one off custom designed pair of Sennheiser HD25 headphones. Simply use this page to pay a deposit which will be deducted from the final price. The cost will vary depending on complexity and any custom paint finishes you need. Most custom pairs come in at around £260 including the cost of a new pair of HD25s. You can send us ideas for the design and we can work with you to create a one off pair just for you. We create digital mock-ups on the computer first to get the design right before we create the real thing.


About us

We have been modifying and customising headphones for DJs and other audio professionals for years (starting back in 2009). During which time we have gone on to win several awards. As official Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic partners, we always have the latest HD25 version and spare parts in stock. All of our custom headphones are airbrushed and painted by hand. We spend a great deal of time making sure each pair gets a finish that will last in a professional environment for years, which is no small feat.

How our custom HD25 headphones are made

If you are interested in seeing what goes into making a pair of our custom headphones, you can watch this video on our Youtube channel.

Customer service and warranty

We know that you are paying a premium for our headphones and that they are a very important part of your life. Our headphones are made durable and reliable, but in the unlikely event that you do have an issue with them, please get in contact with us and we will make sure that we get you sorted out. We offer a full 2 year warranty, and keep all spare parts in stock so we can send replacement parts if necessary. Outside of the warranty period we still offer repairs on all our products for a fair price.

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