Dismantling the Beyerdynamic DT1350

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We have recently started stocking the beyerdynamic range of headphones. Most of their models are pretty straight forward to pull apart but our favourite model, the DT1350, had me scratching my head for quite a few days while trying to dismantle it without damaging any of the parts. I have now figured it out so soon I should have made my first custom pairs and it opend up quite a few mod options like damping, mass loading and re-cabling.

Here is a quick guide to how I dismantled them

Stage one – I removed the pads, they are held on with double sided tape so you just need to pull them firmly and carefully and they will come off


Stage 2 – Removing the drivers.

This is the bit that took a bit of bravery and head scratching to figure out 😉 Turns out they are just clipped into the housing a bit like the DT770 – there is a tiny gap which you can get a pry tool or screw driver in to leaver it up – it will eventually POP and then it comes out easily


Stage 3 – Unsoldering the cables.

If I have to explain this you probably should not be trying this LOL but inside you can see they went for a three core cable – there is a board they attach to with 4 tracks and 2 of them have a solder bridge to link the ground wires. When I re-wire them I will remove the solder bridge and make a 4 core braided cable and remove the solder bridge to give them separate ground wires down to the jack.




Stage 4 – Unclip the earcups from the yoke

This is pretty straight forward, The yoke has a bit of spring in it and with the drivers out the earcup flexes a bit and you just need to pull out the lugs to unclip it



Stage 5 – Removing the cable

These is a metal staple type thing inside the earcup – pull it out by inserting a screwdriver and levering it up and the cable will be released


Stage 6 – the fiddly bits 😉

Inside the earcup the wires connecting the left and right is held in place with a crimped brassy ring of metal – you need to open that out using a thin blade to release the cable and the rubber strain relief buts can be pulled out of the holes from the inside of the cup using some pliers.



Stage 7 – Removing the yoke from the headband.

These are held in by the plastic stoppers on the ends – I levered up the two plastic clips with a scalpel blade and then wiggled them off – than pull the yoke through


Finally I removed the rubber covers from the headband which have the cable running through. – The only bit I have not yet figured out is how to get the hinges apart – IF ANYONE HAS FIGURED THIS OUT LET ME KNOW






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