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We create custom designed and modified headphones for audio professionals and audiophiles around the world

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About Us

Creating headphones as individual as our customers

For over 5 years we have been creating one-off and limited run headphone designs for audio professionals around the world from our small workshop in the UK. We started out making custom airbrushed headphone for DJs back in 2009 and have been developing new techniques and products ever since. Now we offer a range of custom parts and upgrades for a large number of pro and high end headphones, More recently we have been putting a lot of R&D into tuning and modifying high-end headphones and now have a range of audiophile quality cables, custom balanced headphones and DIY audio tuning kits.

Over the years we have worked with many great companies and artists to create limited run custom headphones as give aways and prizes for events and created thousands of one off designs for DJs and audio professionals around the world.

We put a lot of love into each of our creations and design them to last so we offer a 2yr warranty on all our headphones and cables and offer cost price repairs after that.

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Custom Designed and Modified Headphones

DJ Headphones

We can customize most high-end DJ headphones, hand airbrushing them with DJ names and logos

Audiophile Headphones

As well as customising, we also offer a re-cabling and modifying service to tune high end headphones to your personal audio taste

Studio Headphones

We can supply Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser studio headphones with custom options from, simple laser marking for theft prevention to full custom designs

TV and Radio Headsets

We also supply custom headsets and mics to people in the TV, film and radio business

High-end cables

We hand make high-end audiophile cables with very low capacitance, great sound,look and feel

Parts and Accessories

We keep a large selection of replacement parts and accessories like cables and pads in stock

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Meet our team of experts, without whom none of the magic would happen
Team Menber



Whether it is a custom airbrushed piece of equipment for an international DJ or some high end modified headphones. The chances are, that if we made it, Jason had a hand in designing and testing it

Team Menber



Spending all day slaving over a hot soldering iron, Ray makes most of our custom cables

Team Menber



Let's face it... Nerds, techies and artists are not the most organised people. Kaya makes sure the business runs smoothly and that schedules are met.


Portfolio 1

Ark reactor beyer DT1350

Portfolio 1

Laser engraved logo

Portfolio 1

Balanced Beyerdynamic T1

Portfolio 1

Balanced DT1350 for Pono Player

Portfolio 1

modified HD600 for Pono

Portfolio 1

Balanced Sennheiser HD650

Portfolio 1

Balanced Audeze LCD cable for Pono

Portfolio 1

Balanced Beyer T5p with detachable cable

Portfolio 1

Balanced Customized Beyerdynamic T70

Portfolio 1

Hand airbrushed Basshoven sennehiser HD25

Portfolio 1

Black and gold splatter sennehiser HD25

Portfolio 1

Concentric circle design

Portfolio 1

Dramatical murder cosplay headphones

Portfolio 1

LED light up RP-DH1250

Portfolio 1

Splatter pattern Sennheiser HD25

Portfolio 1

Godzilla Beyerdynamic DT770