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Initially we tate a 25% deposit up front. Then we work with you to come up with a design that will work on the model of headphones you have chosen.
A lot of our customers already have a logo or DJ name they want to use which is normally a good starting point. If you don't yet have a logo or any other starting point it would be a good idea to gather together some images and colours you like to give us an idea of what you like.
Once we have an idea of what you want we start work on some computer mockups of the headphones so you can see how they will look. We can then make changes and tweaks to the design to get it right before we start work on the real thing.
When you have approved the final design we send it to the workshop to be made. At this point no major changes to the design can be made so make sure you are happy with the mockup before you give it the thumbs up.

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Once we have your design finished we begin the project for real.
First the headphones will be dismantled and all the electronics will be removed so keep them safe.
Next the heaphone parts will be sanded and prepped for painting.
We airbrush nearly all our designs using automotive paint so it is light, fast and very durable.
The design is built up in layers using computer cut masks to give sharp edges and freehand airbrushing for the softer, trickier bits.
On some models we can also incorporate LEDs, laser modules, lasercut plastics and other modifications.
When the design is finished we give the design a couple of coats of lechler 2k clearcoat to make them scratch resistant and tough enough to cope with the stresses DJs and Producers pur their equipment through.

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Before we put them back together we usually send over a picture of the painted pieces for final approval. We can make minor changes at this point if it is not exactly as you had imagined but it will delay the process quite a bit.
Then when you are happy with the work we put the headphones back together and test them.
We will then contact you with pictures of the final product and send you a payment request for the final amount. The final 75% needs to be paid within 1 month of completion so we are happy to wait until your pay day :)
We give a 1 year waranty on all our headphones. In the unlikely event something goes wrong with the headphones just contact us - 50% of things can normally be sorted by sending replacement parts but you may have to send the headphones in to us to be fixed.