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Sennheiser DJ headphones with white pads and cable

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Sennheiser HD25 headphones with a twist of white (White earpads, white headpads, white cable + spares)

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Quick Overview

Sennheiser HD25 headphones with white pads and cable, as well as original black spares


Stand out from the crowd with these HD25 with a twist of white.

These are a stock pair of HD25s that we have fitted with a set of high quality white synthettic leather pads and a matching white cable wrap.

The wrap stops the cable from tangling and adds a little extra protection.
Having a different colour scheme from most HD25s also means they are less likely to be stolen as they are easier to spot and prove your ownership.

We include the original black pads as spares and give a full 2yr warranty on them.

What does mass loading & damping mean?
We attach weights in strategic places on the driver to give it more mass to push against - this gives a little more bass extension, and cleans up the mid bass. This helps make them sound less boomy and gives more bass detail. We also change the damping material in the cup to absorb more sound inside the cup, so less bounces back through the driver. this also helps with clarity and makes them sound a little more open / less boxy.

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Manufacturer Sennheiser

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