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Balanced Uber HD25 2016 headphones with modified drivers and balanced SPC cable (PonoPlayer, XLR, A&K, Onkyo, Sony PHA-3)

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Balanced Uber HD25 2016 headphones with modified drivers and balanced SPC cable (PonoPlayer, XLR, A&K, Onkyo, Sony PHA-3)

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A modified pair of Sennheiser HD25 headphones, including: a braided SPC balanced audiophile cable and mass loaded modified drivers and cups to give extra detail and tighter bass with more extension.

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Here is the balanced version of our ever popular Uber HD25.

This is essentially the same as the standard Uber HD25 but terminated for balanced input, such as from PonoPlayer, XLR or A&K.

The modifications are as follows;

Firstly, the damping has been updated in the earcup to make them sound more open - essentially we have removed the felt disc inside the earcup and instead lined the inside of the cup with bituminous vibration ramping material - this stops resonance in the ear cup and helps them sound more open as there is a bit more air volume to play with behind the driver.

Next, rear of the driver and the driver enclosure has been mass loaded. As you may know every action has an equal and opposite reaction - due to the HD25s lightweight construction a fair amount of the energy from the driver goes into vibrating the ear cups. Lead weights are strategically placed on the driver to add extra weight in the right places to ensure that more of the energy from the diaphragm is turned into sound rather than being absorbed by vibrating the casing. This gives a lot more bass detail and makes them less boomy - you can hear a lot more texture and impact in a basslines. After all this, there was probably a bit too much bass so we have also reduced the size of the bass ports in the driver which further tightens things up and stops the bass from overpowering the mids/ highs.

Thirdly and probably most importantly the standard steel cable has been replaced with Custom Can's own audiophile cables. They come with a steel cable as standard as they are designed for use by camera men and audio pros - the steel gives the cable high tensile strength while keeping it light weight but is not great for sound quality. Some people are not cable believers and the team at Custom Cans personally believe it would be hard pressed to tell the difference from one copper cable to another but the jump from steel to SPC is very noticeable. The steel cable has a resistance of 4ohms and the audiophile cable is not measurable with a standard multimeter - this is because silver has much lower resistance meaning more of the signal from your equipment goes into making sound rather than heat. The cable is also braided by hand and covered in PTFE to protect it from RFI and EMI and has 4 cores - with separate negative cables for left and right to help a little with crosstalk or we can re-wire them to give a balanced connection for a little extra.

Plenty of testing has gone into them, please feel free to check out a review for them here:




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Manufacturer Sennheiser

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