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  1. Gloss White Sennheiser HD25 DJ Headphones with White pads and White Cable

    Custom Cans White Protein Leather Pads for Sennheiser HD25 Replacement Parts


    White Leather Head and Ear Pads for Sennheiser HD25 Learn More
  2. Genuine Replacement cable for HD25 Adidas 523874

    Sennheiser Original Genuine Replacement Steel Cable for HD25 1.5m (Adidas Blue) - Also fits HD25 Amperior, HD25 Aluminium


    Original Sennheiser 1.5m Steel Cable for HD25 range with right angled jack ADIDAS BLUE 523874 Learn More
  3. Original Replacement pads for Sennheiser HD25

    Official Sennheiser HD25 Synthetic Leather replacement earpads and headband padding (set of 2 of each) - Fits all HD25 range


    Original Sennheiser earpads and headband padding for the Sennheiser HD25 headphones Learn More

3 Item(s)

per page

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