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"Dark Matter" Graphene coated Litz RCA interconnect cables

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"Dark Matter" Graphene coated Litz RCA interconnect cables

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Dark Matter Graphene coated Litz RCA interconnect cables

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These are our latest development in RCA interconnect cables.

I would like to start by saying that we are not claiming that this cable has any kind of magical properties and is almost certainly overkill for any audio application. I have been a hi-fi enthusiast for some years and have seen many discussions from "cable believers" about what makes one cable sound better then another.

I, myself and a cable agnostic - despite knowing that unless a cable was very badly designed you should not really hear any difference between cables, I do seem to hear subtle differences. I do also know this may be some kind of placebo effect. But either way, if a cable was made that covered as many of the things "cable believers" thought made them sound better it certainly would not sound any worse and if there is some kind of effect it would bring a little pleasure to someone trying to push the boundaries.

Many of the properties discussed were not easily measurable but this cable was designed to improve on the more quantifiable ideas.

So.. This cable was designed to have much lower capacitance then any other we have seen or tested, the litz wire means that skin effect is not an issue, the braiding pattern helps prevent inductance and crosstalk. The graphene coating helps to shield it from RFI and EMI and the cotton outer cover gives a bit of an air dielectric between the cores.

Many companies will claim that their cable improves dynamics or sound quality but the truth is that no cable will improve the sound coming from your source device. There is always the possibility that a badly designed cable could make it sound worse. We have done a lot of R&D to try to create a cable with electrical properties that are measurably better so the signal is as unchanged as possible.

On most systems, it is unlikely that you would hear much difference compared to any other decent cables but if you have a particular need for a cable with incredibly low capacitance, decent shielding, low self-inductance, crosstalk and impedance then this is the best design we have tested.

The materials to make it are quite expensive and it takes many hours to make one which is why the price is quite high.

They are made using out new graphene coated Litz wire and covered in raw cotton.

Each core is made up of 84 strands of 0.074mm 99.99% pure copper which are each individually insulated to keep skin effect well outside even high rez audio signals. Each core is held together by being double wrapped in natural silk fibres. We then feed the wire slowly through a bath of graphene ink so it soaks in to the silk before it is run through an annealing process to fix it on to the wire and help the graphene particles heal together.

Due to the way they are constructed they have an incredibly low capacitance  ( less than 25pf for 1m including connectors) as well as low inductance and impedance.


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