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Ultra-low capacitance adapter for balanced cable to balanced/unbalanced source

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Ultra-low capacitance adapter for balanced cable to balanced/unbalanced source

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This is an audiophile grade, ultra-low capacitance adapter cable for connection between a balanced cable and a standard TRS or balanced source, including stereos, Pono, PHA-3, A&K, Onkyo, and XLR.

The adapter is made using 84 strand litz copper, wrapped in coloured paracord of your choice, and hand braided here in the UK.

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This is an audiophile grade, ultra-low capacitance adapter cable for use on balanced cables to plug into an alternative balanced or unbalanced (stereo) source. For example, allowing a 4-pin XLR cable to plug into a 6.35mm stereo source.

Capacitance: Capacitance adds a small delay to the sound, which varies with frequency and can cause roll off, so keeping it as low as possible helps make sure the signal stays clean. With our ultra-low capacitance cables the audible improvement over a stock cable can be heard and easily measured. Our ultra-low capacitance cables typically measure between 7.5-40pF up to 2m with smaller connectors or up 90pF for longer 3-4m cables with larger connectors. This is still a significant difference against most stock cables, for example the Sennheiser HD650/HD600 stock cable averages over 600pF.

Customisation: Our ULC cables are all handmade to order here in the UK. We can make them in custom colour combinations of your choice, using four strands of paracord, where we recommend using just one or two colours to give either a solid colour or a two-tone stripe look. For these adapters, we are offering a cheaper starting price compared with our standard ultra-low capacitance litz cables, as they typically do not need to be very long, and so we can make them cheaper using offcuts of wire and paracord at around 15-20cm in length. Longer standard cable lengths can be purchased at aditional cost up to 3m. Any questions regarding our customisation options just drop us an email.

Ergonomics: The cable is very flexible, fairly lightweight and soft thanks to the paracord covering. In addition it is not prone to kinking.

Resistance: Each of the four wire cores is made up of 84 strands of individually insulated copper wire, which gives a lower resistance than most OFC cables (so less insertion loss). The cable is hand braided, twisted from the Y split to cut RFI and EFI down. It also reduces the inductance and crosstalk you may get from a straight parallel wire setup. Silver solder is used to keep the signal path as clean as possible.

Warranty & Servicing: All our cables have a 2 year warranty. If you experience any problems beyond 2 years we offer sensibly priced repairs. This is true of alterations too, so if in the future you need the cable to be shortened or re-terminating for a new amp we can do that for a sensible price as well. We show our appreciation for repeat business by offering 10% off any additional ULC cables after one has been purchased. Tampering with or attempting to repair your cable may void your warranty.

International Orders: Over 60% of our customers are outside the UK, so we have a lot of experience with shipping worldwide, offering the same great service to suit your needs such as tracking.

Expect orders of handmade cables to be dispatched within 5-12 working days.

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