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New In for the Summer.

We are now stocking the awesome range of headphones from Beyerdynamic. So all you studio types who are slaved to their DT100, DT770 or DT990 you are in luck. We also have the awesome DT1350 for commuters and DJs looking for the best of the best.


Here are some rough prices, including the cost of the headphones. For a full quote or any help choosing a model please email.

Model Single Colour 2 block colours Full Design
Beyerdynamic DT100 £150 £165 £180
Sennheiser HD 280Pro £110 £125 £140
Pioneer HDJ-500 £110 £125 £140
Technics RP-DH1200 £140 £155 £170
Sennheiser HD25sp £140 £155 £170
Allan & Heath Xone XD-53 £165 £180 £195
Beyerdynamic DT990 £170 £185 £200
Beyerdynamic Custom One £179 £179 £179-£200
Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO £170 £185 £200
Sennheiser HD 25-1 ii £189 £199 £220
Beyerdynamic DT 1350 £240 £255 £280
Pioneer HDJ-2000 £289 £299 £310
Beyerdynamic T 70 p £440 £455 £470



We will give anything a go so if you have any crazy ideas please just ask. Here are some ideas and prices...

Coloured cable wrap - £8

Coloured pads - £24

Decal ( can be fitted to any headphones not just custom ones) - £4.50

Custom cables - £30+

Headphone torch - £8

custom finishes

Most standard colours are included in the prices above but we have a few very expensive paints and finishes which you can have for a small extra fee...

UV reactive paint - £5
Glow in the dark coating - £5
Colour shift chameleon colours - £5
24ct gold leaf - £10+
Swarovski crystals - £5 to £200
Pearlescent coating - £5
Sparklescent finish - £5

If you have seen any paint finishes or special effects that are not listed please contact us to check if we can do it - we can use most custom car paints so just about anything is possible.

Custom headphone mods

As well as custom painting headphones, we can also modify them. We have done quite a few custom mods in the past from fitting laser line projectors to recreating an arc reactor on the headphones. Obviously prices will vary greatly depending on how much work is involved but here are a few rough prices.

Adding LEDs - £30 per ear
Adding laser module - £30-£50 per ear
Laser cut plastic pieces - £20+
Punk spikes - £5+
Mono switch mod - £10

We can also do mods to alter the sound such as mass loading, recabling, damping and bass port moding if you want to tailor the sound of the headphones.