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Beyerdynamic Tesla T1

Personalised Beyerdynamic Tesla T1

The Beyerdynamic Tesla T1 are beyer's flagship model and are one of the favourite headphones among audiophiles. They have beyerdynamics renowned tesla drivers.

As these are semi open we cannot customise the centre of the earcup but can colour the outer part of the earcup and the yokes. We can also re-cable and perform damping mods on them.

Price £900 - £1000


Technical Data

Trasmission type : Wired

Headphone design : Semi-open

Headphone Impedance : 600 ohms

Headphone frequency response : 5Hz - 50,000 Hz

Nominal sound pressure level : 102 db

Construction : Circumaural (around the ear)

Cable & plug : Straight connecting cable

PDF download for Beyerdynamic Tesla T1

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We believe you should have headphones that look as good as they sound.

We specialise in customising high quality headphones for professional DJs, musicians, studio professionals and fashionites around the world.