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Fostex T50RP

Personalised Fostex T50RP

The T50RP from Fostex are unlike any of the other headphones we sell as they have a Planar Magnetic driver rather than the traditional cone based driver (See HERE)

These drivers can offer incredible sound quality if implemented correctly and are used in most £1500+ headphones. Fostex developed these particular drivers in house to enable them to bring out a sensibly priced planar based headphone. Out the box they sound very good but in an effort to get the cost below £150 the design is not quite as refined as it could be. This makes these very popular with the modding community as with a few modification you can turn these £150 headphones into a pair that will give the big boys like the T1 and HD800 a run for their money.

We here at custom cans have the skills tools and experience to perform just about any headphone mod form purely cosmetic to full driver, enclosure and cable modding. So if you have seen cool mods done on Head-Fi of Innerfidelity to these but are worried about damaging the headphones in the process just contact us and we can perform the mods for you. We keep the new headphones in stock and have access to Fostex spares if you need them.

Price: £180


Technical Data

Trasmission type : Wired

Headphone Impedance : 50 ohms

Headphone frequency response : 15 - 35 Hz

Type : Semi-open RP dynamic


PDF download for Fostex T50RP

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