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JFunk.org - If you fancy something to listen to with your new headphones then our sister site has lots of mixes to download and play.

headphonescout.com - A good place to find the latest buzz in the headphone world.

Free house music - www.free-housemusic.com.

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Night Party

Here is a list of a few helpful forums that are worth getting involved with if you are into headphones or DJing or both.
We find them a great resource for ideas, reviews and it is always fun to help others with their technical questions.

DJ Forums - A really good community full of DJs and DJ equipment enthusiasts. A must for all DJs from bedrooom to resident.

Inner Fidelity - This site has loads of really useful content for the more nerdy shopper. They run all kinds of very accurate tests on loads of equipment and post all the charts and figures you could want.

Head-FI - This is one of the largest and most popular headphone forums with many experts on tap.


Our Dj's

We probably don't blog as often as we should but here are a few links for some useful posts.

Guide to how we paint headphones - Here is a walkthrough of how we make a basic pair of custom headphones.

Dismantling guides - If you are trying to mod your own headphones we have a few dismantling guides here to help.

Special projects - Here are some of the special projects we have been working on, mostly headphone related but some general craziness.

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